Midjourney Cost: A Full Review on Its Subscription Plans

Midjourney is an AI image-driven service that generates images from natural language descriptions. But as we navigate this promising AI model, it’s essential to talk about Midjourney cost and its accessibility.

In this blog post, we delve into the Midjourney pricing aspects, unraveling the specifics of its cost, monthly subscription plan, and how accessible it truly is.

Whether you’re a professional or simply curious about AI image generation, this guide provides the insights needed to understand Midjourney pricing structure.

How much does Midjourney cost?

  • The free trial plan is on hold.
  • Basic plan cost $10 per month.
  • Standard plan is $30 per month.
  • Pro plan is available at $60 per month.
  • MEGA Plan is available at $120 per month (New)

When you decide to upgrade, you get to choose if you want the upgrade to be effective immediately or wait until the end of the current billing cycle. If you go for an immediate upgrade, you’ll get a prorated price based on your current paid plan.

Midjourney Pricing Overview - Monthly plan tiers

Midjourney Yearly Subscription Costs:

Choosing the yearly subscription offers a 20% discount: the Basic plan is $8/month, the Standard plan is $24/month, the Pro plan is $48/month, and the newly introduced MEGA plan is priced at $96/month.

  • No free trial option.
  • Basic plan is $8/month.
  • Standard plan is $24/month.
  • Pro plan is $48/month.
  • The MEGA plan is $96/month.
Midjourney cost - yearly plan | Cognitive Quest

MidJourney Subscription Tiers Comparison

Midjourney Pricing Tiers | Plan Comparison

Midjourney Usage Rights

All paid plans come with commercial usage rights, allowing you to sell the images you generate. However, if you’re generating USD 1,000,000 or more in annual gross revenue, you must purchase a Pro or Mega membership to own the assets you create. Rest assured that you will retain ownership of these assets even if you cancel or downgrade your membership.

Midjourney Free Trial Plan

Due to increasing demand and trial abuse, the free trial plan was temporarily disabled until further notice.

Basic Plan 10/month: Subscription Benefits

  • Fast GPU hours – 3.3hr/month
  • You can purchase extra GPU time for $4 per hour
  • Ability to work solo in your direct messages
  • The maximum queue capacity is three concurrent jobs, with up to 10 jobs waiting in the queue.
  • You can rate generated images to earn free GPU time.

Standard Plan 30/month: Subscription Benefits

  • Provides 15 hours of fast GPU hours
  • Unlimited Relax GPU time per month
  • The Pro Plan, like the Basic Plan, allows you to purchase extra GPU Time at $4 per hour, work solo, and earn free GPU Time by rating images.

Pro Plan: 60/month

  • Features: Advanced image generation capabilities
  • Fast GPU Time: 30 hours per month
  • Queue Limit: Up to 12 concurrent jobs and 10 jobs in the queue
  • Stealth Mode: Included for private image creation
  • Extra GPU Time: Available for purchase at $4 per hour
  • Solo Work in Direct Messages: Ability to work individually in direct messages
  • Image Rating: Opportunity to earn free GPU time through rating images

June 22, 2023 Update: Midjourney Introduces the New ‘Mega’ Membership Plan

The new “MEGA” Membership Plan is now available at $120 per month, offering 60 fast-hours each month. If you often buy more fast hours than the ones included in the Pro plan, the MEGA plan might save you more money since it costs 50% less. Additionally, the MEGA plan allows users to consistently operate in turbo mode while maintaining the same usage allocation as the Pro plan.

Turbo mode, which is currently in testing, can be activated by typing “/turbo” and makes your images processing up to 4 times faster at twice the price. This feature is handy in group settings or when time is of the essence. The turbo mode feature uses an experimental GPU pool that may have temporary limitations or be disabled if it runs out. Additionally, turbo mode is only available during fast hours.

New Midjourney Price Plan Update - The Mega Membership plan Added

MEGA Plan: 120/month

  • 60 hours of fast generations
  • Unlimited access to Relax generation mode
  • Inclusion of standard commercial terms
  • Exclusive access to the members-only gallery
  • Option to top up credits as needed
  • Stealth mode for discreet image generation
  • Capability to run 12 concurrent jobs in fast mode
  • Continuous availability of Turbo mode for enhanced speed

Midjourney GPU Time Meaning

When Midjourney refers to “GPU time,” it’s talking about how much time you’re using the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in their servers. GPUs are specialized hardware designed to handle heavy computational tasks, like rendering images, videos, or in Midjourney’s case, generating AI-driven designs.

A subscription to Midjourney includes a certain amount of this GPU time each month. Depending on your subscription plan, you’ll have more or less time to use their GPUs.

When you use “Fast Mode,” you’re essentially asking Midjourney to give you immediate access to a GPU, so you can get your designs generated quickly.

Midjourney: Relax, Fast, and Turbo Mode Explained

Midjourney offers three operating modes(fast hours): Relax, Fast, and the newly added mode, Turbo. These modes utilize GPUs for image generation.

  1. Relax Mode: In Relax Mode, your image generation requests are placed in a queue. This Mode does not consume your GPU time, but the images are processed slower as they wait for available resources. The waiting time varies depending on the queue, but it could range from 0 to 10 minutes per job.
  2. Fast Mode: This is the normal operating mode for Midjourney, which uses Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to generate images. You get a certain amount of GPU hours each month when you subscribe. Fast Mode tries to use these resources to generate your images instantly. The time consumed for image generation depends on various factors such as the type of job, quality parameters, and others. However, this Mode uses up your allocated GPU time.
  3. Turbo Mode: As mentioned above, this is an upgrade to the Fast Mode. Turbo Mode uses a more powerful set of GPUs, which generate your images up to four times faster than Fast Mode. However, this comes at a cost of consuming twice the amount of GPU minutes per job compared to Fast Mode. Turbo mode is currently an experimental feature and may not always be available.

You can switch between these modes by using the specific commands or settings in Midjourney, ‘/fast,’ ‘/relax,’ or ‘/turbo.’

The ‘/settings’ command allows you to choose between modes. You can also specify ‘–fast,’ ‘–relax,’ or ‘–turbo’ at the end of a prompt to run a single job in the specified Mode.

Midjourney Price Per Image

The Basic Plan offers about 198 images at 5 cents each. The Standard Plan provides roughly 900 images at 3 cents each. The Pro Plan delivers approximately 1,800 images, also at 3 cents each, while the MEGA Plan presents around 3,600 images, maintaining the 3-cent cost per image.

Basic Plan ($10/month):

  • At approximately 198 images per month, the cost would be about 5 cents per image.

Standard Plan ($30/month):

  • You get approximately 900 images per month, and the cost per image would be about 3 cents.

Pro Plan ($60/month):

  • You get 30 hours of Fast GPU time per month. This equates to approximately 1,800 images per month, making the cost per image about 3 cents.

MEGA Plan ($120/month):

  • You get 60 hours of Fast GPU time per month. This equates to approximately 3,600 monthly images. And the cost per image would be around 3 cents.

Tip: Use /info before and after running a process to see how many of your remaining GPU minutes the generation used.

*For each plan, you can purchase extra GPU time for $4 per hour, which can generate around 60 images, making the cost per additional image around 67 cents.

*For Standard, Pro, and Mega, you also get unlimited images per month in Relax GPU time, so the cost could be even lower depending on how much you use this.

Note that these calculations are based on the average image generation taking 1 minute. If your image generation tends to take more or less time, the actual cost per image will vary accordingly.

A Job’s time depends on the following factors:

Factors That affect Midjourney's Price per Image | Pricing Breakdown

Is Midjourney Subscription Worth It?

Our extensive analysis shows that a Midjourney subscription is well worth it, especially if you’re involved in any creative field. It’s like having a personal, fully-stocked art studio at your fingertips, with the simplicity of text-to images prompt.

Additional factors consider:

  • Usage: Its ability to create images from simple text prompts helps save time and resources.
  • Quality: Midjourney is known for generating high-quality images ranging from realistic to abstract.
  • Convenience: Generating images simply by typing a description is highly convenient.

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Midjourney Work Solo in Your Direct Messages: Short Guide

Here’s how to direct message the Midjourney Bot:

midjourney work solo in your direct messages | how to direct message to the midjourney bot
  • Locate the Midjourney Bot in the Member List or any place where its name is visible.
  • Send any message to the Midjourney Bot.
  • This will trigger the start of your Direct Message conversation with the Midjourney Bot.

How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription

Cancelling Midjourney subscription is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

First, go to the Midjourney discord, type /subscribe, and click on your generated link.

How to cancel Midjourney | First type /Subscribe

Second, scroll to the top and hit cancel, located next to ‘Billing & Payment.’

Hit Cancel | MIdjourney

If you just signup, you will get an additional option to get a full refund.

Midjourney Discord Server: Image Generation

The Midjourney discord server is a fun space for people diving into AI-powered image generations. You can chat with the Midjourney Bot, make images with just a few text prompts, and do it on Discord. Plus, there are many channels to explore for different things you might need.

Community Gallery:

Midjourney cost and art gallery - cognitive quest
Prompt: Dogs with socks, Rembrandt paint – (Credit @Matias)
Midjourney cost and art gallery - cognitive quest
Prompt: baby girl, 1 year old, Brown hair, old money, old school, cool kid, southside, Italian – (Credit @Tom M1982)

More Midjourney Member Gallery:

Midjourney cost and art gallerys- cognitive quest
Elon Musk walking on mars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of Midjourney?

Midjourney makes detailed, realistic images, but it has its limits. It can’t make highly imaginative or complicated images that go beyond what you’d see in the real world.

How do I subscribe to Midjourney?

  • Step 1: Join the Midjourney Discord Server.
  • Step 2: Open the subscription or newbies page and type /subscribe.
  • Step 3: Select a Plan and Make Payment.
  • Step 4: Confirm Subscription and Start Creating AI Art.

Can you sell Midjourney art?

Yes, you can. According to Midjourney’s Terms of Service, you own all assets you create with the services. This means you have the right to sell or use those assets as you see fit. Provided you are a paid member.

Additionally, it is stated that your ownership of the assets stays even if you downgrade or cancel your membership.

What version is Midjourney on?

Midjourney’s V5.2 version model, launched on June 22th, 2023, represents their latest and most advanced version to date.

What are some cool prompts for Midjourney?

Below are some cool prompts for Midjourney. Additionally, try our new free Midjourney Professional Prompt Generator.

  1. Create a lifelike portrait of a majestic lion in its natural habitat.
  2. Paint a serene landscape featuring a peaceful river flowing through a lush forest.
  3. Design an intricate still life composition showcasing a bouquet of colorful flowers in a vase.
  4. Illustrate a playful scene of puppies frolicking in a sunlit meadow.
  5. Capture the beauty of a coastal scene with crashing waves, seagulls, and a lighthouse in the distance.
  6. Craft a detailed close-up of a blooming flower, highlighting its delicate petals and vibrant colors.
  7. Compose a wildlife-inspired artwork featuring a family of elephants traversing the savannah.
  8. Bring to life a charming countryside farm scene with a red barn, grazing cows, and rolling hills.
  9. Depict a peaceful lake surrounded by tall mountains, reflecting the serene beauty of nature.
  10. Create a realistic still life composition of a bowl of fresh fruits, capturing their texture and vibrant hues.

Additional Resources:

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