Midjourney Stealth Mode: Make Your Images Private (2023)

Midjourney Stealth Mode: A Beginners Guide

Midjourney is a cool AI tool that turns text into images, which is super useful for designers, marketers, and those who create content.

One of the most exciting features of Midjourney is the Stealth Mode, which allows users to hide their generated images from the public gallery.

The Stealth Mode is an ideal choice whether you are handling a confidential project or just want to keep your identity hidden. With the Stealth Mode, you can keep your images private, ensuring they are only visible to you.

Midjourney Stealth Mode: A Beginners Guide | Setting Command

In this article, we will explore Midjourney’s Stealth Mode in-depth, including how it works and how much it costs.

Key Takeaways

  • Midjourney’s Stealth Mode offers privacy by hiding generated images from the public gallery.
  • Midjourney’s Stealth Mode is accessible with the Pro or the Mega Plan, each offering differing Fast GPU times.
  • Activating Stealth Mode won’t automatically make existing public images private.

Midjourney Stealth Mode Basics

Stealth Mode is a feature available to the Midjourney Pro and Mega Plan subscribers. When you generate an image in Stealth Mode, it will not be visible to anyone on the Midjourney discord, including the public gallery. 

However, you should generate images in your Direct Messages or on a private Discord server for complete privacy. Images generated in public channels can still be seen by others, even in Stealth Mode.

Midjourney Stealth Mode Price

Midjourney Pro Plan vs Mega Plan | Plan Comparison

To access the Stealth Mode feature, you’ll need to subscribe to either the Pro or Mega plan. The Pro Plan comes at a cost of 60 per month, but if you choose to pay annually, it’s a bit cheaper at 576 per year. 

On the other hand, the Mega Plan is priced at 120 per month, or 1,152 per year, when billed annually. So, you can opt for the plan that aligns best with your budget and creative demands.

Midjourney Pro Plan vs Mega Plan

The Pro Plan, offers 30 hours of Fast GPU time per month. This allows you to generate roughly 1,800 images per month, which means each image costs about 3 cents. This plan could be an excellent fit for individuals or small businesses with moderate image generation needs.

On the other hand, the MEGA Plan, doubles the Fast GPU time to 60 hours per month, allowing for the creation of approximately 3,600 images monthly. Interestingly, the cost per image remains the same at about 3 cents, offering you double the output for the same price per image.

While the Pro Plan offers a solid set of features for most users, the MEGA Plan provides double the Fast GPU time and better access to the Turbo Mode. These features are more suited for heavy users or commercial projects that require higher volumes or faster image generation.

For a complete understanding of Midjourney’s pricing structure, feel free to check this detailed blog post.

Benefits of Midjourney Stealth Mode: Public vs Stealth

The main difference between Public Mode and Stealth Mode is the visibility of your generated images. Check out the complete Midjourney Commands list. 

  • In Public Mode, your images will be visible to anyone on the Midjourney discord, including in the public gallery. 
  • In Stealth Mode, your images will only be visible to you and anyone you share them with.

how to use Midjourney Stealth Mode

To switch to Stealth Mode, simply use the /stealth command. This command will toggle your account between Public Mode and Stealth Mode. 

Midjourney Stealth Mode | How to turn Stealth Mode on

Moreover, if you’re on a Discord server where the Midjourney bot is present, you can easily activate the Stealth Mode. Simply use the /stealth mode command.

This option provides another convenient way to ensure your image creations stay private.

How to Make Your Existing Midjourney Images Private

Since activating Stealth Mode won’t automatically convert existing public images into private ones, you will need to manually unpublish each of your current images.

This action ensures that all your previously created images will remain as private as any future images created in Stealth Mode.

For optimal privacy, you can create images directly in your private Direct Messages or on a private Discord server while Stealth Mode is activated. This way, you prevent anyone from seeing your creative process or the images you generate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Midjourney AI & how does it work?

  • Midjourney AI is an AI-powered image generation platform that uses deep learning algorithms to create high-quality images. It works by analyzing a given prompt and generating an image based on the data it has learned from its training data set.

Is Midjourney’s public gallery open to everyone or only to registered users?

  • Midjourney’s public gallery is open to everyone and can be accessed from Midjourney.com or Discord. This gallery features images generated by Midjourney users worldwide and provides a great source of inspiration for those looking to explore the platform’s capabilities.

Will privately created images remain private after my subscription ends?

  • Yes, images created in Stealth Mode will remain private even after you stop paying for the Pro or Mega Plan. 

What happens to my images in the Midjourney showcase after deletion?

  • When you delete images in Midjourney via Discord, they are removed from public view. However, due to database synchronization timings, changes might not be immediately visible on the web app.

Does Midjourney Stealth Mode hide my prompt and image from viewers?

  • Yes, the Stealth Mode in Midjourney hides your images and associated prompts. When you generate images in hidden areas like direct messages or private Discord servers while Stealth Mode is activated, these images and prompts are not visible to others. 

Step-by-Step Video on How to Go Private in Midjourney

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