Running Out of Fast Hours Midjourney: What You Need to Know

Have you ever run out of Fast Hours on Midjourney? You’re not alone. Midjourney allows users to create stunning AI-generated images through various modes, but running out of Fast Hours can slow down your momentum when you’re in the middle of a project. 

Understanding and managing Fast Hours is vital, whether you’re just dipping your toes into the platform’s features or you’re a professional who relies on extensive GPU time.

This article will explore what Fast Hours are, why they are essential, and how to maximize them to enhance your Midjourney experience.

Brief Intro of Midjourney

Midjourney is a platform where you can create AI-generated images through rendering. The platform offers different subscription plans, depending on your needs. 

Each plan has features such as a set number of fast hours and access to relax mode. 

You can simply visit Midjourney’s website and create an account to get started.

What Exactly is Fast Hours? 

Fast hours are like a speed boost for your AI rendering on Midjourney, allowing you to create images more quickly. 

Think of them as your monthly allowance of GPU time for fast work. Every subscription plan offers a different amount of fast hours. Once you’ve used them up, the rendering speed slows down and switches to relaxed mode.

Midjourney Fast Hours: All You Need to Know

Running out of fast hours in Midjourney typically occurs when all the allocated GPU minutes for rapid image generation are consumed. It’s often a result of using Fast Mode frequently, which accelerates the process but also uses up more GPU minutes.

Midjourney doesn’t grind to a halt if you run out of fast hours. Instead, it shifts into Relax Mode, taking more time to generate images but using fewer GPU minutes. Note if you’re on the Basic tier, you might not have access to Relax Mode, which could limit your options.

How Can You Prevent It? 

Monitor your GPU minute usage to avoid running out of fast hours. Midjourney uses Fast Mode by default, providing that extra speed when essential. However, you can switch to Relax Mode to save fast hours for more crucial times. Relax Mode typically takes between 1 to 10 minutes to render images, making it a good choice when you’re not pressed for time.

Moving up to a higher tier may be the right solution if your work frequently demands more speed.

I’ve prepared a detailed guide on Midjourney’s commands and how to toggle between Fast and Relax Mode. Additionally, you can type “/info” in Midjourney discord to keep track of how many fast hours you have used, ensuring you always know where you stand.

Running Out of Fast Hours Midjourney: What You Need to Know

What if You Need More Fast Hours? 

If you find that more fast hours are necessary, they can be easily purchased through the Midjourney website or in-app prompts. You have the flexibility to choose one, two, or five additional hours, depending on your needs. 

Buying additional Fast Hours on Midjourney is easy and convenient. Simply head to and click the “Buy more fast hours” button. Each extra hour costs $4 and never expires, but remember, you need an active subscription to use them.

How to purchase more Midjourney fast hours

Acquiring these extra hours allows you to continue working without resorting to Relax Mode. 

Key Features of Basic Plan – 10/month

The Basic Plan is the entry-level subscription for Midjourney, offering you the essentials with some limitations. 

It includes:

  • 3.3 hours of Fast GPU time available each month
  • Ability to run 3 jobs concurrently
  • Queue up to 10 jobs at a time
  • Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time
  • Purchase additional Fast GPU time at $4 per hour
  • Includes rights for commercial usage

This plan suits those wanting to explore Midjourney’s features without a significant investment.

Benefits of Standard Plan – 30/month

Upgrading to the Standard Plan provides you with several advantages over the Basic Plan:

  • 15 hours (equivalent to 900 minutes) of Fast GPU time every month
  • Unlimited access to Relax mode
  • Increased capacity for concurrent jobs and queue management
  • Ability to queue up to 10 jobs at once
  • Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time
  • Option to buy additional Fast GPU time at a rate of $4 per hour
  • Comes with rights for commercial usage

Pro Plan and Fast GPU Time – 60/month

The Pro Plan is designed for professionals who require even more capacity:

  • 30 hours (equivalent to 1800 minutes) of Fast GPU time every month
  • Access to both Turbo and Stealth Modes
  • Unlimited access to Relax mode
  • Enhanced limits for job concurrency and queue management
  • Rate Images to Earn Free GPU Time
  • Option to buy extra Fast GPU time at a rate of $4 per hour
  • Package includes rights for commercial usage

As a Pro user, you can maximize your productivity by leveraging the Turbo mode’s faster processing speeds and extensive GPU time.

The New Mega Plan – $120/month 

The Mega Plan caters to professionals needing extensive capacity, and it includes:

  • 60 hours (equivalent to 3600 minutes) of Fast GPU time each month
  • Access to both Turbo and Stealth Modes
  • Unlimited access to Relax mode, offering flexibility
  • The opportunity to Rate Images and Earn Free GPU Time, adding value
  • Enhanced limits for job concurrency and queue management, allowing for smooth operation
  • The option to purchase extra Fast GPU time at a rate of $4 per hour for those demanding moments
  • A package that includes rights for commercial usage, meeting professional needs

Which Midjourney Plan is Best?

Picking the right Midjourney plan boils down to what you need. The Basic Plan might be all you need if you’re just starting or only using the service now and then. 

Need more flexibility and access to Relax mode? The Standard Plan has you covered. For those who want to keep images private or need extra resources, the Pro Plan is the ideal choice. 

It’s all about matching the plan to your individual needs and how you intend to use the service.

Understanding GPU Minutes in Midjourney 

In Midjourney, GPU minutes measure the processing time needed to make images. Think of it like a stopwatch, counting the time it takes to create each picture. The average image takes about one minute, but certain things like bigger sizes or using older versions of Midjourney can take longer.

Midjourney offers different speeds or “modes” like Relax, Fast, and Turbo. These change how quickly images are made and how many GPU minutes are used. Turbo mode, for example, makes images four times faster but uses twice the minutes. 

Do fast hours roll over in Midjourney?

Simply put, fast hours do not roll over and are reset at the end of each monthly billing period. In other words, these hours don’t carry over to the next month; they are strictly on a use-it-or-lose-it basis.

If you frequently run out of fast hours, consider upgrading your subscription plan. Midjourney makes this process easy and offers an immediate upgrade at a prorated price based on your current usage. 

Any unused Fast GPU Time is credited to your account when you upgrade. For instance, a Basic subscriber upgrading without using any GPU time gets a $10 credit, while a Standard subscriber upgrading after using half their Fast GPU time receives a $15 credit.

Make the Most of Midjourney Fast Hours

Fast Hours in Midjourney is a term that resonates with platform users looking to optimize their image creation process. Knowing your Fast Hours, how to utilize them, and what to do when they run out is essential for an uninterrupted creative flow. 

Managing these Fast Hours wisely, selecting the right subscription plan, and understanding the importance of GPU minutes can lead to a more satisfying and productive Midjourney experience. 

So next time you’re creating your digital masterpiece on Midjourney, remember that Fast Hours are more than just a clock ticking away.

Thank you for reading! For more insights and detailed information on Midjourney’s pricing structure, feel free to explore our additional resources. If you’re seeking inspiration for your next creative project, don’t miss our list of amazing Midjourney creative prompt ideas.

Happy creating!

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