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Showcase of The Best Logo Prompt Ideas

After receiving a lot of interest in my previous post about the best Midjourney Creative Prompts, several people contacted me with a specific request for logo ideas.

So, with that in mind, I’ve curated a collection of the best Midjourney Logo Prompts ideas. You can customize these innovative logo ideas to suit your own creative projects. Simply modify the subject in the prompts to fit your specific requirements.

I’ve also included various ‘–s’ commands into the logo prompts to enhance their aesthetic appeal. The –stylize command ranges between 0 and 1000; you can check the complete guide here, Midjourney command list.

Remember, creativity is meant to be shared. Feel free to spread these ideas!

1. Minimalist Geometry

Minimalist geometry is a popular trend in logo design, capturing complex ideas through simple, clean lines and shapes.

Midjourney Prompt: Design a simple, flat, black vector logo of a geometric wave shape. –s 600
Minimalist Geometry | Midjourney Logo Design Prompt

2. Emblem of Power

The use of powerful animals in emblem design conveys strength, courage, and resilience, making it a popular choice for brands that want to project authority.

Midjourney Prompt: Create a bold vector emblem featuring an eagle holding a trident. White background. –s 550
Emblem of Power | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

3. Nature Inspired

Logos inspired by nature are timeless, bringing an organic and peaceful vibe to a brand.

Midjourney Prompt: Generate a clean, straightforward logo icon inspired by nature’s simplicity. –s 950
Tree Logo

4. Cultural Fusion

Cultural fusion in logos can offer a fresh perspective by mixing different styles, such as the playfulness of cartoons and the sophistication of Japanese art.

Midjourney Prompt: Develop a cartoonish tire company mascot logo with a Japanese style. –s 650
company mascot logo | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

5. Vintage Apparel

Vintage apparel logos often incorporate retro design elements, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timelessness.

Midjourney Prompt: Develop a logo for a vintage apparel brand that captures a retro aesthetic. –s 250
logo for a vintage apparel

6. Eco-Friendly Transport

This logo should embody the company’s commitment to green transportation solutions.

Midjourney Prompt: Craft a logo for an eco-friendly transport company, integrating a clean vehicle design with a leaf or other natural element.
eco-friendly transport company i

7. Puzzle Piece

Logos that feature puzzle pieces can symbolize problem-solving, collaboration, and unity. They’re perfect for brands that value innovation and teamwork.

Midjourney Prompt: Assemble an abstract logo from colored puzzle pieces forming the letter G.
Midjourney Prompt Assemble an abstract logo from colored puzzle pieces forming the letter G.

8. Robotic Pet Care

This logo should convey the concept of technology caring for our beloved pets.

Midjourney Prompt: Design a logo for a robotic pet care service, integrating a playful robot and a pet motif.
Dog Logo | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

9. AR Travel Agency

Taking inspiration from the Airbnb logo’s sense of belonging, create a logo for an Augmented Reality (AR) travel agency.

Midjourney Prompt: Craft a logo for an AR travel agency, combining travel-related symbols with elements reflecting the digital, immersive nature of AR.
AR Travel Agency Logo

10. AI-powered Fitness App

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic motion in the Nike swoosh, envision a logo for an AI-powered fitness app.

Midjourney Prompt: Illustrate a logo for an AI-powered fitness app, integrating an abstract figure in motion with AI imagery, like a neural network pattern. –s 1000
AI-powered Fitness App

11. Origami Bookstore

A logo that fuses the art of paper folding with the literary world.

Midjourney Prompt: Design a logo for an origami-themed bookstore, combining a folded paper bird with an open book. –s 700
Origami Bookstore

12. Time-Travel Tourism

A logo for a company that offers “time-travel” experiences, conveying a sense of history and adventure.

Midjourney Prompt: Illustrate a logo for a time-travel tourism company, merging a classic hourglass with a well-known historical landmark.
Time-Travel Tourism

13. Zero-Gravity Dance Studio

A logo for a dance studio that offers zero-gravity dance experiences, suggesting the freedom and exhilaration of weightless movement.

Midjourney Prompt: Illustrate a logo for a zero-gravity dance studio, integrating a dancer in a graceful pose with celestial elements.
Zero-Gravity Dance Studio

14. Vegan Restaurant

A logo that represents the restaurant’s commitment to plant-based food and a healthier lifestyle.

Midjourney Prompt: Develop a minimalistic logo for a vegan restaurant, featuring a stylized plant or vegetable inside a plate or bowl. –s 500
Vegan Restaurant | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

15. Digital Art Gallery

A logo that reflects the fusion of art and digital technology.

Midjourney Prompt: Create a clean, minimalistic logo for a digital art gallery, incorporating a simple paintbrush or palette icon with a pixel or digital element. –s 800
Digital Art Gallery

16. Sustainable Fashion Brand

A logo that represents the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion.

Midjourney Prompt: Illustrate a clean, minimalistic logo for a sustainable fashion brand, featuring a simple leaf inside a clothing hanger.
Sustainable Fashion Brand

17. Space Exploration Startup

A logo that conveys the sense of wonder and adventure associated with space exploration.

Midjourney Prompt: Illustrate a clean, minimalistic logo for a space exploration startup, merging a simple spaceship icon with a star or a planet. –s 850
Space Exploration Startup

18. Meditative Yoga Studio

A logo that communicates the tranquility and focus of meditative yoga practices.

Midjourney Prompt: Illustrate a clean, minimalistic logo for a meditative yoga studio, featuring a stylized yoga pose within a peaceful, simple setting. –s 300

19. Smart Home Technology

A logo that conveys the convenience and modernity of smart home technology.

Midjourney Prompt: Create a clean, minimalistic logo for a smart home technology company, featuring a simple house icon intertwined with a light bulb or a wifi symbol. –s 650
Smart Home Technology

20. Simple 2D Lion Logo

A logo that represents strength and majesty using a minimalist approach, employing soothing green and blue colors.

Midjourney Prompt: Design a 2D minimalistic lion logo using a blend of green and blue shades.
2D Simple Lion Logo | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

21. Solar-Powered Bakery

A logo that combines the warmth of baked goods with the sustainable power of the sun, symbolizing eco-friendly culinary practices.

Midjourney Prompt: Craft a logo integrating a sun symbol with bakery items.
Solar-Powered Bakery

22. Elderly Fitness Gym

A gym dedicated to promoting the health and fitness of senior citizens. The logo should exude vitality regardless of age.

Midjourney Prompt: Logo showcasing an active elderly silhouette set within a heart symbol, highlighting health and activity. –s 500
Elderly Fitness Gym | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts

23. Elegant Cosmetics Boutique

A store that offers high-quality beauty products for the modern woman. The logo should evoke a sense of sophistication and grace.

Midjourney Prompt: Logo depicting a sleek makeup brush with a flourish, symbolizing elegance and precision.
Elegant Cosmetics Boutique | Midjourney Logo Design Prompts


There you have it—a complete collection of unique Midjourney logo prompt ideas! I’m eager to hear your thoughts and inspirations. Drop a line in the comments about any awesome ideas these prompts sparked for you.

Also, a quick heads-up: when you’re piecing together logos on Midjourney, we know privacy is key. So, to help you operate in full stealth mode, I’ve made up a guide on how to keep your images private. Check it out right here!

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