20 Must-Try Midjourney Prompts for Picture-Perfect Realism

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or dipping your toes into the fast-evolving realm of text-to-image AI technology, the quest for realism in imagery is a journey worth taking.

In this guide, I delve into a collection of Midjourney photorealistic prompts that will inspire you to produce photos as real as possible. But before I dive in, let’s take a moment to describe what I mean by photorealistic.

Photorealism is a concept that aims to make images—whether they’re digital renderings or traditional photographs—appear as lifelike and true-to-reality as possible. We’re talking about pictures where the textures, colors, and lighting are so meticulously captured or generated that it’s hard to distinguish the image from the real.

In photography, this might mean playing with lens types, focus, and exposure to capture the minutest of details.

For those who may not be familiar, Midjourney is a text-to-image generator that creates visuals based on specific prompts. If you’re interested in a comprehensive understanding of how it works, I’ve compiled a detailed guide explaining everything.

Remember, creativity is meant to be shared. So feel free to spread these ideas!

1. Family Bonding in Nature

A warm portrayal of a mother and child enjoying a day in a sunflower field.

Mother and child in a sunflower field, sharing a loving moment, shot in natural light.
Family Bonding in Nature | Midjourney Photorealistic Prompts

2. Coffee Shop Vibes

A skilled barista pouring the perfect cup of coffee for a customer, with focus on the artisanal aspect.

Barista serving coffee, artful latte design, shot in a rustic coffee shop.
Coffee Shop Vibes

3. Outdoor Friendship

A diverse group of friends laughing and sharing stories around a campfire under the stars.

Group of friends around a campfire, casual attire, shot with low light settings
Outdoor Friendship

4. Rooftop Serenade

A young violinist playing a soul-stirring melody on a city rooftop as the sun sets behind him.

Violinist on a city rooftop, captivated by music, sunset background, shot on a 35mm lens
Rooftop Serenade | Midjourney Photorealistic Prompts

5. Gourmet Breakfast Spread

A lavish display of a gourmet breakfast featuring croissants, fresh fruit, and artisan coffee.

Gourmet breakfast spread with croissants, fresh fruit, artisan coffee, shot in natural morning light
Gourmet Breakfast Spread

6. Artisan Barista Portrait

A portrait of a barista in their element, focused on crafting the perfect latte art.

Portrait of barista crafting latte art, serious focus, background of coffee machines, shot with a 50mm lens
Artisan Barista Portrait

7. Underwater Majesty

A close-up of a sea turtle gliding effortlessly underwater, capturing its intricate shell and calm demeanor.

Close-up of sea turtle underwater, focus on shell details and eyes, shot with underwater settings, natural light filtering through water
Underwater Majesty

8. Urban Style

A portrait of a stylish woman walking through the city, her eyes revealing a mix of ambition and wonder.

Portrait of a stylish woman walking in the city, focus on eyes and outfit, shot with a 50mm lens
Urban Woman | Midjourney Photorealistic Prompts

9. Canine Loyalty

A close-up shot that captures the undivided attention of a dog, likely focused on its owner.

Close-up of dog’s face, focus on attentive eyes and fur, shot with a 50mm lens, natural light
Canine Loyalty

10. The Athlete

A portrait of a female athlete in the midst of her training, capturing her determination and strength.

Portrait of a female athlete, focus on determination and sweat, shot in high-speed settings

11. The Last Page

A child finishing the last page of a fantasy book, their eyes wide with the thrill of the adventure.

Child reading last page of a book, focus on wide eyes and open book, shot in natural light
The Last Page

12. Vintage Car Enthusiast

A woman elegantly posed next to a classic vintage car, her outfit styled to match the era of the vehicle.

Woman next to a vintage car, focus on coordinated styling and retro vibe, shot with a vintage filter
Vintage Car Enthusiast

13. Nostalgic Toy Store

An older shop owner behind the counter of a vintage toy store, classic toys filling the shelves.

Shop owner in vintage toy store, focus on classic toys and owner’s expression, shot in soft indoor lighting
Nostalgic Toy Store

14. African Safari Encounter

A close encounter with a lion during a safari in the Serengeti, the majestic animal locking eyes with the camera.

Lion in Serengeti, focus on piercing eyes and natural environment, shot from a safari vehicle using a telephoto lens
African Safari Encounter

15. New York City Subway Musician

A saxophonist playing soulful tunes in a New York City subway station, commuters stopping to listen.

Saxophonist in NYC subway, focus on musician, instrument, and passing commuters, shot in the ambient subway lighting
New York City Subway Musician

16. Samba Dancers at Rio Carnival

Samba dancers performing in extravagant costumes at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the crowd roaring in approval.

Samba dancers at Rio Carnival, focus on elaborate costumes, dance moves, and crowd, shot at a high shutter speed to capture rapid movement
Samba Dancers at Rio Carnival

17. Venetian Gondolier

A gondolier navigating the narrow canals of Venice, his reflection mirrored in the water below.

Gondolier in Venice, focus on character, gondola, and reflections in canal, shot during late afternoon for softer light
Venetian Gondolier

18. Cuban Cigar Roller

A skilled cigar roller in Cuba, crafting a cigar with precision as he chats with customers.

Cigar roller in Cuba, focus on hands, tobacco leaves, and engaged conversation, shot with a shallow depth of field
Cuban Cigar Roller

19. Holi Festival in India

People drenched in colorful powders during the Holi festival in India, their joy palpable.

People celebrating Holi in India, focus on colorful faces, flying powders, and emotions, shot with fast shutter speed to capture action
Holi Festival in India

20. The Red Rose

A striking red rose growing improbably out of a crack in the concrete, a symbol of resilience and beauty in unexpected places.

Full shot, The beautiful red rose that grew from the concrete, extreme detail, high resolution, Canon photography
The Red Rose


There you have it—a complete collection of unique Midjourney landscape prompt ideas! I’m eager to hear your thoughts and inspirations. Drop a line in the comments about any awesome ideas these prompts sparked for you.

Also, a quick heads-up: when you’re piecing together photos in Midjourney, we know privacy is key. So, to help you operate in full stealth mode, I’ve made up a guide on how to keep your images private. Check it out right here!

Side Note:

As a bonus, I’ve also created a free, professional Midjourney Prompt Generator. Feel free to give it a spin here.

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