20 Fascinating MidJourney Landscape Designs You’ll Love

Welcome to a new post about MidJourney prompts! Today, we’ll explore awe-inspiring landscape designs.

In its broadest sense, landscape refers to the visible features of an area of land and how they interact with natural or man-made elements. It encompasses everything from natural formations like mountains, rivers, and forests to human-made structures like cities, parks, and even tiny home communities.

A well-designed landscape not only pleases the eye but also serves functional purposes like improving the quality of life and conserving the environment.

Landscape designs can be as simple as a backyard garden or as elaborate as a sprawling city park. The key is how these designs work harmoniously with their surroundings to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing experience.

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1. Seaside Sunsets

A description that encapsulates the ethereal beauty of a seaside sunset where the sky meets the ocean.

Bring out the colors, textures, and serene atmosphere evident in a beach sunset landscape image.
Seaside Sunsets | Midjourney Landscape Prompt Ideas

2. Mountain Vista Retreats

A narrative for a serene mountain landscape, perfect for those looking for tranquility away from the hustle and bustle.

Capture the essence of the tranquility and majestic heights evident in a mountain landscape image.
Mountain Vista Retreats| Midjourney Landscape Prompt Ideas

3. Digital Nomad Workspace

A narrative that delves into the portable and flexible workspaces adopted by digital nomads, often featuring minimalist setups in unconventional locations.

Capture the portability and adaptability apparent in a digital nomad workspace image
Digital Nomad Workspace

4. Traditional Office Settings

A description that explores the structure and organization of a traditional office landscape, with its cubicles and private rooms.

Contrast the private spaces like cubicles and conference rooms with common areas in a traditional office landscape image.
Traditional Office Settings

5. Everyday Life in Anime

A narrative that considers the more mundane but still stylized settings in slice-of-life anime, like schools, homes, and local neighborhoods.

Capture the nuances of everyday life settings, such as a classroom, a cozy home, or a bustling market, evident in a slice-of-life anime landscape image.
Everyday Life in Anime| Midjourney Landscape Prompt Ideas

6. Post-Apocalyptic Anime Settings

An account that delves into the dystopian landscapes commonly portrayed in post-apocalyptic anime.

Illuminate the desolate, ruined elements like broken buildings and barren lands visible in a post-apocalyptic anime landscape image.
Post-Apocalyptic Anime Settings

7. Fantasy Worlds in Anime

A description that dives into the magical and otherworldly settings often depicted in fantasy anime.

Highlight the magical elements like floating islands, mythical creatures, and enchanted forests evident in a fantasy anime landscape image.
Fantasy Worlds in Anime

8. Futuristic Cityscapes in Anime

A narrative that explores anime’s vision of futuristic cities, complete with neon lights and towering skyscrapers.

Capture the high-tech and futuristic elements visible in an anime cityscape image.
Futuristic Cityscapes in Anime

9. Minimalistic Urban Environments

A narrative that unpacks the clean lines and uncluttered spaces of a minimalistic urban setting.

Capture the essence of simplicity and geometric forms present in a minimalistic urban landscape image.
Minimalistic Urban Environments| Midjourney Landscape Prompt Ideas

10. Abstract Landscapes

A narrative that explores landscapes stripped down to their basic geometric shapes and colors, often leaving much to interpretation.

Illuminate the abstract elements, such as bold colors and simple shapes, evident in an abstract minimalistic landscape image.
Abstract LandscapesAbstract Landscapes

11. Zen Gardens and Natural Sanctuaries

A description that enters the tranquil world of Zen gardens or similar natural spaces designed with a minimalistic approach.

Highlight the elements of tranquility and mindfulness, like raked sand or isolated plantings, visible in a Zen garden landscape image.
Zen Gardens and Natural Sanctuaries | Midjourney Landscape Prompt Ideas

12. Architectural Simplicity

A narrative that delves into minimalistic architectural landscapes that may consist of simple lines, open spaces, and a limited color palette.

Illuminate the architectural elements that embody minimalistic design principles in a landscape image.
Architectural Simplicity

13. Bare Tree Silhouettes

A description that dives into landscapes featuring the simple yet striking silhouette of a tree against the sky.

Capture the isolation and elegance of a single tree’s silhouette visible in a minimalistic landscape image.
Bare Tree Silhouettes

14. Winding Roads

A narrative that considers the symbolism and aesthetic appeal of a lone, winding road stretching across an empty landscape.

Capture the sense of journey and potential inherent in a lone, winding road in a minimalistic landscape image.
Winding Roads

15. Twilight and Dusk

A description that explores the gradients and hues that twilight or dusk brings to a minimalistic landscape, adding a spectrum of color to an otherwise simple scene.

Capture the subtle color changes that twilight introduces in a minimalistic landscape image.
Twilight and Dusk

16. Glass Tower as Urban Waterfall

A description that visualizes a glass skyscraper as a flowing “urban waterfall,” with the cascading reflections of the sky and neighboring buildings creating a dynamic, ever-changing mural.

Showcase the fluidity and dynamism of a glass skyscraper’s reflective facade, making it the centerpiece of an urban landscape.
Glass Tower as Urban Waterfall

17. Tiny Home Retreat Amidst Wilderness

A narrative that plunges into the romantic notion of escaping modern life by retreating into a tiny home hidden amidst thick forests or rocky mountains.

Capture the juxtaposition of the compact, minimalist tiny home against the sprawling grandeur of untouched wilderness.
Tiny Home Retreat Amidst Wilderness

18. Beachside Tiny Home Getaway

An account that explores the idyllic scenario of a tiny home situated right by the ocean, with the sound of waves providing a constant backdrop.

Bring to life the dreamy setting of a tiny home by the beach, with golden sands and turquoise waters enhancing its allure.
Beachside Tiny Home Getaway

19. Tiny Home Nestled Amongst Floral Fields

A description that paints a picture of a tiny home situated in the middle of vast floral fields, be it lavender, tulips, or wildflowers.

Highlight the burst of colors and nature’s beauty enveloping a tiny home situated within a sea of blooming flowers.

20. Isolated Tiny Homes

An account that focuses on a single tiny home set against a wide, natural landscape, emphasizing its solitude and simplicity.

Emphasize the sense of isolation and tranquility achieved by a lone tiny home in a natural landscape.
Isolated Tiny Homes


There you have it—a complete collection of unique Midjourney landscape prompt ideas! I’m eager to hear your thoughts and inspirations. Drop a line in the comments about any awesome ideas these prompts sparked for you.

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